The Foodie

The Foodie


Vanilla Chai Tea by Rosso (Calgary, AB.)

This chai blend is unbelievable smooth and full bodied. Richly spiced with a mild, sweet vanilla taste, this makes a great tea to enjoy on its own or mixed with milk and sugar. 

Artisan French Caramels by Hugo & Nate  (Kitchener, Waterloo, ON.)

Hugo & Nate Confections are Canadian caramels in the French tradition. Handmade one small batch at a time. If you want the best caramel, you just found it.

Vanilla Infused Honey by Mellifera Bees (B.C.)

With spicy floral notes and the potent tingle of local wildflowers, Mellifera Bees pays homage to the ancient symbiotic relationship between the intoxicating yellow blossom of the vanilla orchid and the gentle grazing of the pollinating bee with this beautiful Vanilla Infused Honey. 

Also pairs beautifully with wine, artisan cheeses and crusty French bread. 

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar by Coconama (North Vancouver, B.C.)

Gluten-Free, wrapped in kraft gift paper.

Amber Maple Syrup by Cosman & Webb (Quebec)

Organic, Single-Forest, unblended Amber maple syrup. 100ml

Canadian Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel) by Vancouver Island Salt Co. (Vancouver Island, B.C.)

Almost exclusively used as a garnish and finishing salt, this Canadian fleur de sel adds beautiful texture along with an attractive presentation. Super smooth in flavour you can use the Canadian fleur de sel more generously than our other salts without fear of over salting.

Wooden Dripper for Honey

This gift comes elegantly packaged in a 10 x 10 wooden slider gift box with your choice of ribbon and hanging tag

This gift typically ships within 2-4 business days.